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Butterfly species available for your butterfly release 

wedding butterfly releasewedding butterfly release

We guarantee our live butterflies with the exception of a possible incident of mortality and we over ship a few to compensate. This has not be an issue over the years. We ship adult butterflies ready to release. The butterfly release photos above were client submitted.

Monarch Butterflies

Danaus plexippus

monarch butterfly

Monarch butterflies are large, beautiful butterflies, approximately four inches in wingspan. We provide eastern monarch butterflies. Current U.S.D.A. regulation of the monarch butterfly only permits distribution to states east of the Rocky Mountains from an origin within the defined eastern region. Western states must be supplied with western Monarch butterflies originating within the western region. If you live in a western state like California (Insofar as the Monarch butterfly is concerned, Colorado is considered an eastern distribution state, Idaho is western. The division is approximately along the Continental Divide.), you must purchase Monarch butterflies originating from within the region. If you are planning your event in an eastern state, we are able to supply Monarch butterflies for you.

Our Florida Native Butterfly Release

Zebra Longwing

Heliconius charotomius tuckeri

Florida native butterfly release

The beautiful Zebra Longwing butterfly has been designated the Florida State insect. Along with Monarch butterflies which are also native to Florida, we provide a mixture of different butterfly species for your release. We can only offer this option inside the State of Florida due to interstate USDA regulations. Not only is our Florida native butterfly mix, in our view, a more interesting display, ecologically, you are introducing species of butterflies into your area that may have become less common. The species we provide are not rare, endangered nor threatened. The butterfly mixture will vary in composition as many butterfly species are seasonal, but we do have butterflies all year in Florida and we only provide butterflies currently present in the wild. It is our sincere hope the experience of releasing butterflies will spark an interest in creating a habitat for them. A flower bed complimented with number of the larval host plants for butterflies to lay their eggs on is a butterfly garden. If you may have noticed an absence of butterflies flying in your neighborhood, the most likely cause is habitat destruction due to development. Reintroducing their larval host plants is the key to their return.

Painted Lady Butterflies

Vannesa cardui

Painted Lady butterfly

Painted Lady butterflies are the most cosmopolitan of all butterfly species. In butterfly lingo, cosmopolitan simply means widespread. The Painted Lady butterfly is found in all of the lower 48 states of the continental US. Like the Monarch butterfly, the Painted Lady butterfly is migratory, over wintering in the southwestern states and to a lesser extent, Florida. The smaller, wing span of two inches, Painted Lady butterfly is approved for distribution to most of the the lower 48 states by the USDA.

The butterflies illustrated above are from photographs of butterflies we have raised. All bridal photographs were sent to us by very satisfied clients and used with permission. Copyright 2007, Dale A. McClung, owner, Florida Monarch Butterfly Farm. All rights reserved.

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