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butterflies for weddings


When the butterflies arrive, open the top of the package and remove the papers. Store the butterflies in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or other light source until ready to transport to the event. This will keep them calm. For overnight storage, replace the ice pack with a fresh one upon arrival and then again for overnight (refreeze original). You may remove the boxes containing the butterflies to a regular picnic cooler if available. Place the boxes on a paper towel and ice packs at the opposite end of the cooler for overnight storage. Do not place butterflies in refrigerator and do not use water ice in cooler.

The butterflies are packaged individually in envelopes which are passed out, and, at the appropriate moment, the butterflies are released by simply unfolding the envelopes to open them. As soon as the envelope is open wide enough for the butterfly to flap a wing, the butterfly should take flight. An extra empty envelope is provided with the shipment as a demonstrator and also, for weddings, extra envelopes to set aside for inclusion into an album later if desired. The envelopes containing the butterflies are packaged in small, white boxes for handling, but also may be transferred to a basket or other container for the wedding or other event if preferred. If using your own container, you may transfer the butterflies before transporting to the wedding, but keep them covered until arriving at the location.

Before release, at the site, the small boxes containing the butterfly envelopes may be placed anywhere convenient during the length of the ceremony (wedding) or minimally 15 minutes or so beforehand to allow them to warm. If the envelopes are placed into a basket outdoors, maintain a cover to shield the envelopes from possible windy conditions (a towel) .

When transporting the butterflies, do not leave them in a parked car.

There is a copy of a popular Indian Legend posted on the website (a copy is always provided with the butterflies also) which may be read before the butterflies are set free to tie the event together or your may certainly write your own dedication as an announcement to provide a cue for the release of the butterflies or they may simply be released spontaneously by the appearance of the bride and groom as you choose.

If the butterflies are provided in clear glassine envelopes for a cage release or other display, removal requires a little more handling but is easily accomplished. The only precaution to take is to be sure to wash and dry your hands before handling the butterflies. As an added precaution, if available, dust your hands with talcum powder or equivalent. Take the envelope with the butterfly in it and slip your hand inside the hanging cage. Open the flap and insert your index finger into the end of the envelope to open and turn over the envelope so it is upside down. Gently shake the butterfly out of the envelope. Should the butterfly fail to easily slip from the envelope, to remove the butterfly, gently hold the butterfly's body in place from the outside of the envelope at the thorax (where the legs are attached) to steady the butterfly and open the envelope flap with the opposite hand. Grasp the butterfly's wings between your thumb and forefinger just above the thorax (behind the head by the wing rib) and pull it free of envelope. While you should apply a firm, but gentle, touch, you need not be concerned about injury to the wings from touching them. You will not injure the butterfly by handling the wings. The scales (coloring) do not affect its ability to fly. They may be placed into a box or removed to a prepared cage for mass release. For box release, slide the lid open an inch and slip in a butterfly. Repeat the process until all are inside. For more information on a cage or box release, contact us directly.

Then, enjoy the moment and celebrate the day. The butterflies certainly will.


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